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 Collection of manuals and instructions for single-crystal diffractometers


Camera cross hair alignment

If you have constantly problems centering your crystal, follow these instructions:


XP - patch


Save it as "" and start it the following way: 

c:\bn\python\python.exe c:\bn\SXTL\xp.exe

The original executable will be backed up as "xp.exe.bak". 

(This should also work in linux)


Various useful Python scripts

Some of them might need some modification to run on your system.

  • This script devides a given hkl file in different scale factor batches
  • viewframe.bat: Quickly view Bruker sfrm frames 
  • Small Hack to read out the pH values from a Titrino 716
  • this script updates the platon.exe in the c:\pwt directory
  • arranges xd2006 output in a more readable format


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Instructions / Manuals