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Current teaching activities:


Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry:

"operator course" for single crystal X-ray diffraction:

PhD students learn how to use the diffractometer and crystallographic software to measure and prepare their own crystal structures. The course is given on a regular basis but outside the University schedule at least once a year. Please ask to Dr. Daniel Kratzert for the next course.


Lecture: Inorganic Structural Chemistry (for master students)

Course: Symmetry for Chemists (for bachelor / master students)

Course: Basics in Crystallography and Diffraction (for master students)

Course: Single Crystal Structure Analysis for Operators (for PhD students and senior scientists)

Seminar: Problem Cases in Crystal Structure Refinement (for PhD students and senior scientists) 



Course: Literature Research and Databases (for master / PhD students and senior scientists)


Department of Biochemistry:

Lecture: Protein Cristallography (for master students)

Course: Introduction to Pymol Einführung (for bachelor / master students)

Practicals: Basic Practicals in Biochemistry (for bachelor students)

Practicals: Advanced Practicals in Biochemistry (for master students)


Department of Crystallography:

Lecture: Polarisation Microscopy (for master / PhD students)

Lecture: Material Science / Crystal Growth (for bachelor students)

Lecture: Crystal Growth I / Crystal Growth Technology (for master students)

Lecture: Advanced Crystallography / Crystallographic Methodology (for master students)

Lecture: X-Ray Diffraction by Crystals (for master students)

Lecture: Analytical X-Ray Methods / Structure Analysis by X-Ray Diffraction (for master students)

Lecture: Analytical X-Ray Methods / Defect Analysis by Diffraction (for master students)

Lecture: Material Science / Analytical X-Ray Methods (for bachelor students)

Practicals: Material Science / Crystallography (for bachelor students)

Practicals: Crystal Growth I / Crystal Growth Methods I (for master students)



Lecture Series: Crystallographic Colloquium

Conference History: Jahrestagung der DGK 2006, Chemkrist-Workshop 2009, Deutsche Kristallzüchtungstagung 2010